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The meaning of the word "cleanliness" varies depending on the person. But, generally, it refers to the absence of harmful substances, such as dust and dirt, in a room. Being tidy is a state of maintaining a clean and orderly environment.


Modern technology has allowed commercial cleaning companies to perform their work efficiently and effectively, helping maintain a clean and pollution-free environment. Many companies provide this type of service. These companies take on contracts and employ individuals who have specific responsibilities.


At Lucid Cleaning Inc, we provide professional residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and AirBNB maid services– designed to keep your property looking its best. We have a long time of experience in the cleaning industry and can provide our customers with the highest standards.


So, if you're searching for office cleaning services in Toronto or commercial cleaning services in Toronto and nearby areas, we've got you covered!

We Always Care About Cleanliness

Our cleaning services operate using the latest technology and procedures, which helps protect your employees and customers. We always take pride and dignity in our work and are committed to delivering high-quality and satisfactory commercial cleaning services.

We Always Work to a Higher Standard

At Lucid Cleaning Inc, we are committed to providing the highest standards in commercial cleaning. We design and implement programs that meet the needs of our customers, whether it is a one-time office cleaning or daily or nightly service. We follow up with each individual to confirm that they receive the best possible service.


We aim to provide commercial cleaning services in Toronto that can help keep your office or facility looking its best. Our team of professionals uses a unique cleaning system designed to remove dirt and grime without damaging the environment. 


We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and methods that effectively keep your facility dirt-free. Whether you need help with a specific cleaning task or just want to keep your place looking clean, we can always help you out. Contact us today!

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